Crowdsourcing of this book
This is one of the first books to be crowdsourced from start to finish (cover design, content creation, and publicity) and serves as a new example of how social tech and the world of publishing can be blended
Enterprise Social Technology

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Helping Organizations Harness the Power of : Social Media, Social Networking , Social Relevancy

Social technologies have exploded into the business world, yet are vastly misunderstood. Many organizations are either blocking their use, or simply experimenting with how they might be of benefit. Because tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn started with personal use, little has been done to holistically address how social tools can be fully integrated into an organization. In addition, most leaders have little idea what the full collection of capabilities is that exist under the social umbrella.

"Organizations must learn how to
holistically implement social tools
across all areas"

Enterprise Social Technology

  • This book describes how these powerful new tools can be put to use.
  • Provides a twelve-step model for implementing social tech within any size of organization.
  • This process helps leaders instantly bring discipline to the chaos that is now exploding within organizations with the use of social tools.
  • It also provides measurable results that will easily convince the most skeptical executives as to the value of social technologies.
  • Scott Klososky has spent the last three years speaking about, and consulting with clients who are leveraging his industry leading ideas and concepts in the real world.
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